Island Hopping in Langkawi

One of the super exciting activities that we had booked during our Langkawi trip was island hopping. Hailing from a place like India, where you don’t see quite a number of islands to hop on and hop off, this was quite exciting. We had three stops in this tour course, that is – three different islands. This was booked on a shared boat and we had to join a group of 16 – 18 other folks. This one was a bit crowded, but the experience just pushed back all the other stuff. We took a cab from our resort and reached the jetty point of Resorts world Langkawi around 9:00 in the morning. The trip was scheduled at 9:30 and we bought few stuffs like waterproof cover for mobile and a hat! 

After a quick photoshoot, we were directed to our respective boats. The trip started smooth, but 5 minutes into the sea, captain started steering at full swing against the wave and the ride started getting bumpy! We loved it, folks with back pain and neck pain should be a little careful here. After 20 minutes of ride, we reached the first island – Pulau Dayang Bunting. This is another small Geo Park located between several islands. We were allotted one hour for this place and we checked the boat number to identify when we return back(this is pretty important, because all the boats look the same with no difference in paint colour as well). 

The entrance of the park welcomes you with small shops where you can buy popcorn, tender coconuts and juices. They collect a fee of 6 MYR per head as the entrance fee. Once you cross the entrance mark, you gotta climb 50 odd steps. There will be quite a number of monkeys you have to cross. Have to be careful with water and eatables. After crossing the steps, you have to take a downstair route to reach the freshwater lake. You can get the Life jacket vest for 5 MYR and swim in the lake. You can swim in the children’s side too. There are lifeguards who will always be on the watch. Be careful when you jump down, the water is quite deep in that area(around 15 feet). We spent almost 40 minutes there and returned back to our boat. By the time we came out, almost all our boat members were also ready for us to board the boat. 

Next stop was just 5 minutes away from the first hop. This was eagle feeding area and we were not dropped in any island but the place was called Pulau Singa Besar. This was very close to the geopark. There were hundreds of eagles roaming around in the sky for food. The folks who drive the boat bring some food for these eagles and splash the water to notify the eagles. They eventually come down and collect the food and fly back to the sky. It was pretty crowded as there were lot of boats around. I still managed to pull out a number of shots in my DSLR. The next stop was 20 minutes away. This was easily the best of the island hopping tour and was the most expected and excited one! 

The last island of the trip was Beras Basah island and this had crystal clear water right around the island. We were literally able to see everything under the water. But the island was pretty crowded. There were too many boats waiting for their folks to come back and we were provided one hour stay at this island. We took some series of shots at the beach and found a whole family feeding a group of monkeys. Usually the guides advice us not to feed the monkeys. But it was super fun to watch them feeding the tailed ones! There were small shops that were selling/renting snorkeling kits and other stuff. There was another small shop that was selling burgers, snacks, water bottles and tender coconuts! We bought a burger for 5 MYR and was the best burger I’d call! 

Since the place is sultry, there are chances that you get dehydrated easily. It’d be better if you carry 2 to 3 water bottles with you! Apart from that this island has got beautiful greeneries around it and you can keep clicking on your camera. There was a small ridge at on corner of the island and I couldn’t figure out any particular reason why people didn’t go beyond that! We just went past that and found wonderful spots to capture in our camera. There were visitors around and we were able to get some good pictures of the trees that had shaped branches and sea. After spending close to one hour, we returned back to our boats with no mood to leave the island. The return journey was just 15 minutes from Beras Basah island and it was again a bumpy ride back home! We touched base around 2 PM in the noon. The organisers had clicked pictures of us when we started the trip, by the time we arrived, they had printed the photos on a plastic plate and showed us! We bought it at 10 MYR a piece for our memories and left for the next place(Underwater world). 

If you’re a traveller / visitor, Island hopping at Langkawi is something that you shouldn’t miss! If you’re wondering where to book the tickets, go ahead and book it via Mylangkawideals. We recommend it because we had a good experience with it.They have special offers on various activities all the time! 🙂 

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