Langkawi – Underwater World

There are underwater world attractions all over the world. Why? Because it is the sure attraction for kids and nature lovers. Langkawi underwater world is no different too. It is one of the cost effective attractions that you can’t miss in Langkawi. 

The Underwater world is located in the Cenangh city area, so there are all sorts of shops outside it. So much of street foods to taste, ranging from sasages to soups, The chicken sausage was our favourite. And there are many shops to buy dresses, hats and other beach items. After grabbing our lunch, we entered into the Underwater world of Langkawi. On the entrance there was a big open aquarium where big and colorful fishes welcomed us. The photographers were right at the entrance to click our smiles.

Moving on, we saw some animals and birds section where you can feed and play with them.These will be a surecatch for pet lovers. Since we had already saw many animals in the Wildlife park, we quickly skipped and entered the aquarium area. Here comes the display of colorful fishes and some rare underwater world creatures. The fishes were in all sorts of colors ranging from small to bigger ones, I just loved it. Then comes the beautiful pink Jelly fishes. They move by pushing itself and while moving, its jelly like body bounces, what a beautiful view! Spending just two minutes were never enough.

After that there was a large penguin section. Hundreds of penguins were in a large room covered with glass. The penguins were in groups and were enjoying swimming in ice water. One interesting fact about penguins is they all will get closer in groups when it feels too cold and will warm up.Near to that was a photo booth with penguin like setup.We took some cool pics in the booth and moved on.

The ocean has numerous wonders, some that are already discovered and much more , yet to be discovered. As most of wouldn’t get chance to dive deep and discover the underwater by ourselves, Langkawi underwater world is one place to go and see some of the beautiful creatures and take pictures.

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