Wildlife to pet in Langkawi

Are you a pet lover and feeding and playing with animals and birds are your hobby , then I highly recommend this place for you.

What can you expect?

I suppose almost everyone is a pet lover. At Least they’re fond of different animals. Well, in our case, we loved animals to the core and we wanted to have some time spent on wildlife at Langkawi. We had booked our tickets through MyLangkawiDeals for this activity and we visited the wildlife park right after our trip to KILIM Karst Geopark as it was very much nearer from the Geopark. The return cab of Geopark had to drop us back at the resort, we chose to get dropped at the wildlife park! 

The Wildlife Park! 

Langkawi’s wildlife park holds several records for various purposes. The most important reason why people love the park is that they let you feed the animals and you can spend some good time with them when you visit the place. So, to begin our journey, we got dropped at the entrance and were welcomed by beautiful and colourful parrots at the entry mark. We took some good number of photos there and started off into the park. We saw some good number of parrots which were rarely available and the colourful ones that showed up in movies. You can get some food and feed them! 

This place was completely filled with children, a lot of them. Everyone was so amazed with the level of closeness they can get with the animals. Children’s voice were so louder than the animals there. There was a stall to get wax replica of your hands. That was pretty cool and the price was around 10 MYR. We saw some of the wild animals which were locked in different cells. Visitors were not allowed to feed them. And there was a small girl standing near the snakes section with a big python. You can take it in hand and take pictures with it in whatever way you want (its not venomous). Apart from these, there were separate sections for ostrich, deers and rabbits, where visitors can easily spend some quality time with these animals by touching them, feeding them and indeed take some pictures too! 

Animal Feeding 

We fed some deers and went to the rabbits section. There were close to 100 rabbits jumping here and there. You can literally lift them, feed them, play with them and what not! It was a beautiful experience. We enjoyed to the core. The exit left us to the bird section where we found numerous small ones and big ones too. The folks around there can help you with the food, the small birds will automatically come over and sit on your hands to eat those. That was most chill moment for us! There were close to 20 – 30 small ones that immediately came over and started eating on our hands! We took lot of photos and proceeded further! It led us to the natural stones section. 

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